Demi Lovato’s Top 7 Snapchat Vids From Halloween

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Not surprisingly Demi Lovato spent her Halloween at a gas station prostituting her enormously fat ass while dressed up in a black latex whore suit.

Unfortunately Demi did not confine her Halloween degeneracy to the pumps at the Exxon, as she filmed a good portion of her night and put it up on Snapchat. Below we have compiled the top 7 video clips from the night, so that we can fully appreciate Demi’s sickeningly sinful sluttery.


Demi pans down her body revealing her meaty thighs and bulbous breasts stuffed snugly into her costume.


Demi must have picked up a client, as she strolls her big booty through the gas station parking lot to blow the guy in the back of his SUV.


Demi dropping her ass down low next to some tranny at a house party.


The front view of Demi dropping her ass down low with Caitlyn Jenner.


Demi back at the gas station looking for the next trick to fill up her holes with his treats.


In this Snapchat clip Demi tries to hypnotize onlookers with the undulating rolling of her cellulose.


To end the night Demi gives herself a round of applause for all the whoring she did by bending over and making her banged out booty cheeks clap.