British Royals Caught Practicing Witchcraft

kate-middleton, celeb-jihad

Prince Harry, Prince William, and Princess Kate Middleton of the British royal family were all caught practicing witchcraft in the photo above.

Of course it is no great secret that all members of the British royal family are shaping-shifting devil worshipers hell-bent on world domination for the glory of their lord Satan.

Thankfully their reign of terror will soon come to an end, as us pious Muslims are invading the UK in droves (as you can see in the photo below taken at England’s border)

kate-middleton, celeb-jihad

Soon us righteous Muslims will outnumber the sickly inbred native population, and we will overthrow the Satanic British monarchy and install a holy Islamic theocracy. The first of many to come in the West. Allahu Akbar!